Best Damn Thing
Best Damn Thing
Best Damn Thing
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Welcome to LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM LOUD, the fanlisting for the song The Best Damn Thing by Canadian singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne. This is the only fanlisting for The Best Damn Thing listed and approved by If you are a fan of this song please do join, but be sure to read the rules first, thank you! ;)

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The Best Damn Thing

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The Best Damn Thing


The Best Damn Thing
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The Best Damn Thing

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This fanlisting is Copyright 2008 Danielle, Let Me Hear You Scream Loud, 'The Best Damn Thing' Fanlisting. This song is copyright to Avril Lavigne and it's other creators, I am in no way affiliated with Avril or any of her affiliates. I am just a fan of the song and running this fanlisting for entertainment purposes only.

The Best Damn Thing

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March 30, 2010: The fanlisting for Avril Lavigne has been added to affiliates.

March 8, 2009: 6 new affiliates: Falling Down, Why, Under My Skin, Breathe, Forever & Always, and Tell Me Why

January 10, 2009: 3 new affiliates: Fall To Pieces, The Best Day, White Horse

November 16, 2008: 8 new affiliates: Alone, Don't Tell Me, Girlfriend, Hot, I Will Be, I Heart ?, Teardrops On My Guitar, Tied Together With A Smile

September 29, 2008: Thanks to Heather for donating a 75x50 button!

September 25, 2008: The fanlisting is open! :)