Best Damn Thing
Best Damn Thing
Best Damn Thing
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Welcome to LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM LOUD, the fanlisting for the song The Best Damn Thing by Canadian singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne. This is the only fanlisting for The Best Damn Thing listed and approved by If you are a fan of this song please do join, but be sure to read the rules first, thank you! ;)

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The Best Damn Thing

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The Best Damn Thing


The Best Damn Thing
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The Best Damn Thing

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The Best Damn Thing

About 'The Best Damn Thing' Video

The music video was directed by Wayne Isham and was filmed on February 28, 2008. It premiered on Total Request Live Italy on April 4, and on the website Imeem on April 9 following an introduction by Lavigne.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Lavigne said that the concept for the music video would be "Like a film of comedy, it has some funny scenes and a cute story about me wanting my 'Prince Charming'". The video shows Lavigne as a cheerleader with back-up dancers and in a room performing with her band. She plays the drums towards the end of the video. Her brother Matthew and former band members Evan Taubenfeld and Devin Bronson appear in the video.

The 'The Best Damn Thing' Video