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-- The Playlist
The playlist to the left in the sidebar houses all 24 B-Sides in alphabetical order.

Two of them have duplicates, one for the 'clean' version, and the other for the 'explicit' version. Yes, "Everything Back But You" was released on "The Best Damn Thing" album, but beforehand it was an unreleased B-Side for "Under My Skin". Because the name is so long it runs off the side and you can not see which is 'clean' and which is 'explicit', the first one is 'clean'.

"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" is also in the list, it was a cover but became a B-Side on the "Nobody's Home" single CD.

There are also two songs with the name "Take Me Away". They are both two completely different songs. The first in the list was an unreleased B-Side of the "Let Go" album, the second was a B-side from "Under My Skin" (But then later was released on the album).

All songs are in great quality with the exception of "Stay (Be The one)", it's a little bit staticy but they all were like that, so couldn't help it.

I've seen the song "Things I'll Never Say" ("Let Go") listed as a B-side on other "B-Side" sites, but I can't find any true official record of it ever being a B-side, so I'm not adding that one. If I get proof that it was at one point a B-side I will add it. If anyone has info you may email me and let me know.