about just a dream
Album: Carnival Ride
Released: July 21, 2008
Recorded: 2007
Genre: Country
Label: Arista Nashville
Writers: Gordie Sampson, Steve McEwan, Hillary Lindsey
Producer: Mark Bright

"Just a Dream" is a country song, released as the fourth single from Carrie Underwood's second studio album, Carnival Ride. The song was composed by Gordie Sampson, Steve McEwan and Hillary Lindsey. The song was officially released to radio on July 21, 2008. A video for the song was released on August 5, 2008. The song was nominated for 2010 Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

"Just a Dream" is a mid-tempo song backed by a string section. The song chronicles an 18 year-old woman going to the church in her wedding dress, with the listener believing she's going to her wedding. However, it is revealed as the song goes that she's going to her husband's funeral instead, who was a soldier killed in action. During the funeral, she wishes that everything going on at the moment is all "just a dream."

Writing and Inspiration
Songwriters Steve McEwan, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson composed the song over the space of a few days in collaborative songwriting sessions in Nashville. According to McEwan, in an interview with HitQuarters, it was Lindsey that first conceived the concept of the song,

"Hillary had this thing in her head, "Wouldn't it be great to write a song about a woman where you think through the song that she's getting married but then you suddenly realise she's actually going to her husband's funeral." That's how it started."

McEwan refutes the notion that there was a deliberate political subtext to the song and instead insists their primary aim was simply to write something 'heartfelt'. The trio were nevertheless conscious of political interpretation having rejected the earlier title of "American Dream" for making the song "overly political".

Chart Performance
The song debuted at #96 on the U.S. Billboard Pop 100 chart without any radio release at the end of the released week of Carnival Ride and dropped out the week later. It debuted on Billboard Hot Country Songs at #45 one week before its official release. On the issue date August 23, 2008 the song debuted at number 98 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100, it later peaked at #29 becoming her 10th top 30 hit on that chart. It also debuted at #33 on Radio & Records Canadian Country Singles chart and late climbed its way up to #2. For the week of November 8, 2008, the song became Underwood's sixth straight number one country single, as well as her seventh number one single overall, eighth including all other charts. It stayed at the top of the chart for two weeks. It has been certified gold by RIAA, selling over 500,000 copies.