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Carrie Underwood's video for "So Small" was directed by Roman White. The video was originally planned to be premiering on September 13 on CMT, but instead premiered on September 20, 2007 on CMT, where the channel became "Carrie Music Television" and aired the video continuously from 6:00am-12:00pm straight, playing it an estimated 66 times. The video was also made available to purchase exclusively on the iTunes music store on September 20.

The video tells the story of a teenage girl, an adult man, and an adult woman all struggling with problems in their lives. The video starts with the teenage girl having an argument with her mother, and proceeding to run away. The girl stands on the side of the road while two cars are approaching from opposite directions. In one car a woman can be seen visibly upset over something, and in the other a man is seen arguing on his cell phone. As the cars get closer, the teenage girl, feeling suicidal, decides to step in front of one of the oncoming vehicles. The woman in the car quickly swerves out of the way, but in doing so collides with the car in the other lane. As the two cars begin to collide, everything is suddenly frozen, except for the three people involved in the situation. It is revealed through flashbacks that the woman had had an argument with her husband earlier, and the man had been arguing with his wife. The three seem to acknowledge each other, while thinking over how small their problems now seem to be. Shattered glass from the car accident is seen frozen in midair around them. The sun rises and time is suddenly reversed to right before the teenage girl stepped in front of the woman's car. The girl, realizing that her actions could have taken others' lives, decides to go back home and is seen hugging her mother at the end of the video. The man and woman are also seen mending their relationships.

Scenes of Underwood standing on the street where the accident takes place are shown throughout the video.

The video features country-singer and actor Christian Kane who shares a record company with Underwood.


So Small