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abbey dawn
Abbey Dawn (Named after Avril Lavigne's childhood
nickname) is a clothing line produced by Kohl's and
designed by Avril Lavigne. It was launched in the US
in Alhambra, California in July 2008. The line is
described by Kohl's as a "juniors lifestyle brand",
and includes apparel and jewelry with skull and
zebra patterns similar to the artwork on Lavigne's
album The Best Damn Thing. It was released
in collections, with new items coming quite often,
usually every month. More than 15 interviews
were done in order to promote Abbey Dawn. Lavigne wore some of the clothes in her line at various concerts before the launch, and it is also featured on the internet game Stardoll where figures can be dressed up as Avril Lavigne.

The juniors' collection is "a lot of hot pinks and blacks and stars and purple and zebra. Basically, everything I wear. I have a very particular style. I want it to be available to a lot of girls, and I want it to be affordable. I walked through (a Los Angeles) Kohl's the other day and said, Oh, when my line is here it's totally going to stand out."

Proving she's more than just a performer, Avril added, "I actually am the designer. What's really important to me is that everything fits well and is well-made, so I try everything on and approve it all. I'm making sure that I think people in their 20s are going to wear it because it's going to be a sexy fit, not just, 'Oh, T-shirts and hoodies.'; The hoodies are slimming. It's not a thick, bulky material."

Pieces from Abbey Dawn range from $24 to $48.

(Abbey Dawn is only sold at Kohl’s stores across the USA. It is also sold at an exclusive Abbey Dawn Store in Tokyo. A new collection comes out every eight weeks.)

Abbey Dawn: On Set

KOHL's Commercial

Shop Abbey Dawn at

Because the official Abbey Dawn site was with Nettwerk Management it is not up for the moment.


Abbey Dawn Origin
I happened to come across a blog (by Courtney), who resides in Napanee, Ontario. She was curious as to why Avril's father called her "Abbey Dawn", so she had done her own research and posted about the interesting information she had found. I had read before that "Abbey Dawn" is a road near Napanee, but she had also found out that it is a place, it is very interesting... You can read her blog post here.