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Script used: Enthusiast
Last updated: 08th October 2018
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Opened: March 20, 2009
Owned: Danielle
Layout: Version 1.0
Best Browsers: IE/FF
Best Viewed: 1024 x 768 Res

Track: Naked / Album: Let Go
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layout 1.0
Layout 1.0 features Avril from past to present. It includes
images of Avril from her days of "Let Go" and "Under
My Skin", and most recent "The Best Damn Thing".
Generally I usually use way less images in my
layouts. But I had no set idea for this one, so I made
the basic background of the layout then just
started throwing tons of images on there to see
which ones I liked best with it. Basically I just
played around with it for days, adding and
removing things, then when it started turning out
like this I was like, hey... that's pretty cool looking... lol.

All pics used for this one are credited to ( The silhouettes you see are actual Avril silhouettes, created by me using Avril images. Fonts within the layout include Rage Italic, Impact, Anke Calligraphic, Georgia, and Maiandra. There was only one brush that was used, and it was used in different positions, you can find this brush here in that pack. The brush is copyright to Illyera.