Rex Balsom
Rex Balsom
Rex Balsom
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Rex Balsom
Show: One Life To Live (ABC)
Genre: Soap Opera
Portrayed by: John-Paul Lavoisier

Character Info:
Came to town: 2002
Marital Status: Married to Adriana Cramer
Occupation: Private Investigator/Owner, Ultraviolet nightclub

Mother: Roxanne Balsom
Father: Walter Balsom (deceased)
Siblings: Natalie Buchanan(adoptive)
Grandmother: Stella
Aunt: Corrine Balsom
Significant Romantic Relationships: Jen Rappaport (divorced), Lindsay Rappaport, Shannon McBain, Adriana Cramer

At an early age, Rex was taken away from his mother Roxanne and sister Natalie to live with his aunt Corrine in Michigan. Growing up Rex always longed for "the good life"-namely, money. In 2002, Jessica Buchanan (believing Roxy was her biological mother), came to Michigan to meet her "brother" Rex. Seeing Jessica as his ticket into a world of wealth, Rex accompanied her back to Llanview and moved into Llanfair. Eventually the truth about Jessica's paternity was revealed-she wasn't Rex's sister-but Rex decided to stay in Llanview.

Rex sought to make his own way in the world and got a job at The Palace Hotel. He began a sexual relationship with fellow Llanview outsider Jen Rappaport. Misguided Jen even helped Rex in burglarizing some rooms. Rex began to fall for Jen, who only had eyes for Joey Buchanan. After Joey told her they could never start a relationship, Jen ran into Rex's arms, impulsively accepting his marriage proposal. The two were wed.

Jen realized her marriage was a mistake and wanted a divorce. Rex refused, but thanks to a bribe by Kevin Buchanan, Rex granted Jen her divorce. However, he remained in love with her. Jen soon married Joey, but marital bliss escaped her, so she began spending more and more time with Rex. Rex was still in love with her, and tried to get Jen to admit her love for him. Jen resisted Rex, and vowed to clean up her life, especially after Joey left her. Convinced Rex was bad for her, Jen decided to stay away from him. Rex remained committed to Jen, but started an affair with her mother Lindsay. Jen walked in on the two kissing, which only confirmed her earlier convictions to stay away from Rex.

Rex took out a loan with RJ Gannon to open a new restaurant. Headstrong, he didn't seem to pay attention to the fine print that stated he'd lose his club Ultraviolet if he was late with a payment. When RJ started pressing for payments, Rex approached Lindsay for the money. She refused to help him, and their affair fizzled. Determined to come up with the money to keep his club, Rex plotted with his mother to burn down her hair salon so that Rex could have the insurance money. Soon the two came to their senses and realized an insurance scam was much too risky. But it was too late, as a stray cigarette set the explosives off and the community center went up in flames. To make matters worse, RJ foreclosed and Rex lost Ultraviolet.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but both were held responsible for the fire. Their punishment came with community service and a large fine. This put Rex further in debt. Roxy and Rex signed up to help the Love House (a group of college students assigned to live and work together) rebuild the community center, and Asa Buchanan, charmed by Roxy's chutzpah, paid their fine.

Rex, however, was still determined to get his club back. RJ offered him a job to pull off an art heist, which required stealing paintings from an armored car. Rex enlisted the help of Paul Cramer, who was also desperate for money. To Rex's disappointment, Paul let Natalie in on the heist, and asked her to act as a diversion. Not wanting Rex to go to jail, Natalie botched the plan so the heist never happened.

RJ was less than pleased with Rex and Paul and required they pay him back what he lost in the heist. Rex seemed to exhaust all possibilities for money, and feared RJ's wrath. He soon started spending time with Shannon McBain and the two embarked on a casual relationship. Rex sensed Lindsay's jealousy and warned Shannon to stay clear of her. Shortly after, Rex and Shannon discovered Asa Buchanan trapped in a ditch. Rex offered to rescue Asa⬦for a price. Rex's efforts got him enough money to pay half of RJ's debt. Later, Rex learned that RJ was the one responsible for hijacking the community center rebuilding in an effort to gain control of the land. Rex used this information to blackmail RJ and get Ultraviolet back.

Rex was furious when Paul stole a sex tape of Rex and Lindsay in an effort to blackmail Jen. Paul posted the tape on the internet, and turned up dead soon after, placing Rex on the suspect list. Rex was convinced that Jen was guilty of the murder. Still in love with her, he decided to protect her at all costs. He even buried what he believed was the murder weapon. His devotion to Jen infuriated Shannon, and she broke off with him before leaving town.

Rex was arrested when he was caught on video surveillance hiding a gun in Dorian Lord's office to make her appear guilty. Rex admitted he was paid $10,000 to plant evidence. Rex believed the mysterious bribe came from Jen, but Jen was resolute about her innocence. With Jen still a suspect in the murder, Rex was not only determined to defend her, but to win back her affection from Riley Colson. Jen's relationship with Riley diminished when he began to believe she killed Paul. Rex stepped in to support Jen and the two grew close once again. To clear Jen, Rex began to do his own investigation into the murder of Paul, and discovered that Paul was blackmailing someone named "Ted." Rex took the information to Bo Buchanan and the two formed an unlikely partnership in tracking down the killer. Just as Rex and Bo were getting closer to finding the truth, Rex discovered Jen was dead. Her death was presumed a suicide, but Rex was certain she was murdered. Bo had the same suspicions and enlisted John and Michael McBain to conduct an autopsy. The autopsy proved that Jen was murdered, and all believed the murderer was the same person that killed Paul Cramer. Rex and Bo were stunned to discover that Jen's killer was District Attorney Daniel Colson, also known as Ted. After putting a tail on Daniel, it was revealed that Daniel was covering up a gay affair, and that Paul was blackmailing him. The LPD promptly arrested Daniel right before he was sworn in as Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. Rex found peace in punishing Jen's killer.

Happy with the work he did in assisting the police department, Bo continued to call upon Rex for investigations that called for someone who can access those places where a cop can't go. When Natalie was kidnapped by a serial killer, Rex assisted Bo, John and the police in finding her.

Rex developed a friendship with Adriana Cramer. Despite their very different backgrounds, the two were surprised by their rapport and taken aback by the attraction between them-especially because Adriana had a boyfriend, Duke Buchanan. Unable to deny her feelings for Rex any longer, Adriana broke up with Duke but a misunderstanding made Adriana think Rex wasn't interested in her. It was cleared up and the two began dating.

Rex discovered a fugitive Todd Manning and did not turn him into the police, angering Adriana. The two briefly separated, but their feelings were too strong to keep them apart. The two grew closer as Rex helped blossoming model Adriana deal with a stalker. Unfortunately, Rex's friendship with Bo suffered because of his assistance of Todd, but the two eventually made up.

Adriana's stalker grew more dangerous. To protect her, Rex shuttled her out of town to a remote beach house. There they declared their love. Adriana found some e-mails on Rex's computer that made him seem like the stalker. Believing Rex had arranged her stalking in order to protect her and play the hero. Adriana ran off and was captured by Bruce, the man who actually was stalking her. Adriana soon learned that Bruce had been hired by her mother Dorian, who set Rex up to appear as the stalker in order to break up Rex and Adriana. Rex figured this out as well, and worked with Dorian to rescue Adriana. Bruce was killed, but Rex was shot in the process. Adriana was by his side in the hospital as he recovered. The two reunited.

Todd hired Rex to find his missing son, whom Spencer Truman stole at birth. Rex tracked down the child, and realized he had been adopted by Michael and Marcie McBain; the child was now Tommy McBain, Rex's godchild. Torn on what to do, Rex confided in Adriana. Both agreed to keep the secret of Tommy's parentage, and let Todd think that his son was unable to be found. Michael found out the secret and joined Rex and Adriana's pact to keep the secret forever.

Adriana hired Tate Harmon as the spokesmodel for her new underwear company, EXPOSED. Tate flirted with Adriana shamelessly. Rex got jealous, but started to grow suspicious of Tate. Something about him seemed off. Adriana warned Rex to back off his investigation of Tate---she was committed to Rex, and Tate was just a friend. When Rex got information that made it appear as if Tate was gay, he outed him on TV. Adriana was furious with Rex and ordered him to drop his investigation or they'd break up. Rex, his gut still telling him something was wrong, refused to listen and kept investigating Tate on the sly. Adriana found out and broke up with him. What they don't know is that Rex's instincts are right---Tate is actually a murderous, racist arsonist who has been targeting Llanview.

More to come...