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Opened: March 23, 2009
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Track: Love Story / Album: Fearless
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~to Face of an ANGEL, the physical fanlisting for Country Musician Taylor Swift. This is the only physical fanlisting for Taylor Swift that is listed and approved by The Physical Fanlistings Network. If you are a fan be sure to read the rules then stop by the join page and have yourself listed with the rest of the fans. And don't forget, if you list your website here you must grab a button and link back to the fanlisting, or a simple link will do just fine. If you would like to affiliate also, don't hesitate to ask ;).

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Taylor Swift is one of my favorite musicians and I've turned this site into a little more than just a fanlisting. It's my little Taylor space on my domain, you can find info on her here, among some other things such as lyrics, videos, and games. I will not however add a gallery.

Take a look around and enjoy the site, but keep in mind this is first and foremost a fanlisting. I may add updates and news on Taylor here and there if it's exciting news, but if you want to be updated on her on a regular basis be sure to check out one of the many other Taylor sites out there.
fanlistings 101
Don't know what a fanlisting is?

A basic fanlisting is a website for fans of a subject to join and be listed with other fans. The subjects can range from actors to movies, television shows, music, even subjects for education and food, there is a wide range of subjects a fanlisting can be made for. To see first hand at how many different subjects for fanlistings there are I suggest stopping by The Fanlistings Network and checking it out ;).

A Physical fanlisting is just the same, only it refers to the physical appearance of the subject, such as this one is for the physical appearance of Taylor Swift. You can find physical fanlistings for Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Characters, etc, over at The Physical Fanlistings Network.
current layout
This layout is somewhat similar to my Avril one, most notably the left sidebar. The sidebar was my favorite part of the layout so I wanted to do it again, lol.

All pics used for this one are credited to Taylor Swift Web. For more of the info and credits on this layout visit this page.